Interior Design - Pilsener Haus

Project Description

Hoboken’s Pilsener Haus & Biergarten is a lively, atmospheric 400 seats place, with outdoor beer garden, dining hall and beer hall with communal tables multiple grill stations and. With a great selection of imported draft beers and serving schnitzels, goulash, strudels and bratwursts all staples of traditional biergarten menu, patrons come here to enjoy festive, beer hall atmosphere. Overall concept for this project was creation of authentic Austro-Hungarien beer garden. With the exterior and interior laid out and design direction in place, Kolar Studio has been overseeing the day to day creation of a truly hand crafted space. Bringing together a team of local craftsmen, we have been able to execute an interior fitting of the beer and food to be presented.

Scope of the work: Exterior and Interior concept creation, Design of costume tables, bar, lighting, grill stations, artworks and painted murals. Management of construction and installations.

The Pilsener Haus is probably my favorite place to drink in Hoboken. They have a great German/Eastern European beer selection and you can get a 1 liter glass of almost everything. The atmosphere is really relaxing, lots of open space, all long tables, and good music that isn't the top 10 pop songs on repeat.
Beer Advocate