Kolar Studio is a creative agency with a team of passionate and creative individuals providing services in interior and product design, graphic design and photography. We work collaboratively and creatively on design and planing of each project, successfully translating our clients ideas into bold, sophisticated interiors.

Who We Are

We could start by showing you hundreds of diplomas and shiny certificates to proof to you that we are good designers or maybe photo of us standing in front of mahogany polished bookcase full of leather bound books looking all sophisticated and snooty but that not who we are instead we prefer to give you a chance to work with smart,talented people,doing great and honest work.
Life is too short to waste your time working with jerks and we are not jerks, we are just bunch of cool people making awesome design for our clients.
 Photo of restaurant designer

Jirka Kolar

Founder / CEO

A founding principal of Kolar Studio, Jirka has more then 20 years of experience in design profession. Managing all aspects of interior and exterior design, planing and project development, Jirka's distinctive creative vision brings original ideas to any hospitality or residential project. Outside of the studio, Jirka is an accomplished mountain claimer, expert on world of cinema and owner of two big and fury cats.

Photo of graphic designer

Aleš Hlousek

Developer Graphic Designer

Aleš started his career as an artist but he quickly found a passion for design and technology. He sees a web as an digital playground in which he can build highly interactive stories for clients brand. When he is not working on new campaigns Aleš spends his time big wave surfing and trying to teach his lazy dog Bear to swim.

Another happy client celebrating after finishing project with us.

Our Clients